Club Racing


NBYC runs races for both Junior and Senior race squad members throughout the year. Races are usually held on Sunday afternoons. Over Summer, races are also run on Wednesday evenings until daylight savings ends. During the winter, races are run fortnightly - but if the weather is right, and people are keen, we will get out whenever we can!

Races are fun-oriented, with multiple classes competing together with handicaps as appropriate. Some sailors use Club boats (Quests and Fevas) while others sail their own boats. NBYC sailors range from relative beginners through to international champions, so there is plenty of competition at any level. There are lots of opportunities for less experienced sailors to buddy up with our racing guns in a club Quest or Feva - this provides a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop your racing skills.

Classes sailed: RS Quest, RS Feva, RS Aero, Laser/Ilca, 29'er, O'pen Bics and others.

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Programme Fees: $345

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