NBYC Club Officials

Merv Hunter



Merv is the driving force behind the Club's sailing programme and provides overall leadership of the sailing. Merv sails a Quest whenever he can and his son also sails at the Club in a Bic. When he's not sailing Merv is an Associate at Product X Architecture.

Chris Bowman

Rear Commodore


Chris is responsible for overall leadership and management of the Club and its facilities. He also runs the Clubroom hire business.
Chris sails a laser when the conditions are right. In his other job, Chris is a technology and business consultant and is semi-retired.

Dave West

Vice Commodore


Dave assists with the management of the club. He is qualified as a National Race Officer and is the Race Officer for NBYC regattas. He is also our accountant. Dave sails an RS Aero and is actively involved in several yacht clubs.

NBYC Club Patrons

Graham Thow



Graham was Commodore of NBYC for 8 years from the early 2000's. He was then Rear Commodore for another 5 years. Graham was responsible for raising the funds and building the new Clubrooms - a significant achievement and a lasting legacy. Graham sails a Keeler which he moors off Birkenhead Wharf. He sold his security company several years ago and  these days splits his time between Auckland and canal boating in Europe.

Keith Salmon



Keith is a previous Commodore of NBYC and has been involved with NBYC since the early 80's. Keith is also part of a team that is researching NBYC history. Keith used to sail Idle Along's. He lives locally and is actively involved in community organisations - including Pest Free Kaipatiki.